Cartello n. 3 Acero Saccarino ENGLISH

Cartello n. 3 Acero Saccarino ENGLISH
Hello! My name is Acero Saccarino, but you can also call me Silver Maple. I come from the north-eastern regions of the United States of America, I grow very fast and I can even reach 30 meters in height: for this reason, I am often used as an ornamental plant, both in parks and in the streets. My flowers are really small, of a greenish-yellow color, without any petals; while my fruits are called SAMARE. They look like small wings, suitable for flying and for bringing the seeds contained within them everywhere. I have a gray-brown bark that peels off with age.
Did you know that ... By boiling my sap, obtained by carving the bark, you can get the maple syrup? It is a natural sweetener with a high content of mineral salts: try to taste it together with the pancakes !! (typically American fritters)
The fox is a friend of mine, it has a wonderful fur and a very thick tail, which it uses as a pillow to sleep and to be comfortable! Its intelligence is boundless, because when it hunts it pretends to be dead to be able to deceive and capture its prey ... this is why we say: "to be smart like a fox!"
The hedgehog is a nocturnal animal. It may seem awkward, sometimes insecure; but it will be able to surprise you with its skills: not only can it run, but also swim! It is famous for its 6,000 pungent spikes that change color according to the season and defend it from attacks by other animals: when it perceives the danger, it "closes like a hedgehog", becoming a kind of ball. It is the only insectivore that in winter falls into hibernation: the autumn binges prepare it for the long sleep.
The bat ... Don't be afraid! They tell different legends about this creature so shy and gloomy; in reality it is useful for humans because it eats many insects, in particular mosquitoes. It is the only mammal that knows how to fly even if it cannot see! It lives in dark and damp environments, its wings resemble a hang glider and allow for precise and refined movements. It communicates with his friends through ultrasound: the man cannot hear them.
The green woodpecker is a diurnal bird, a lover of larvae and termites: it eats up to 1000 a day and captures them by piercing the barks of the trees with its strong and pointed beak. It's like a drill: it can give 15-16 strokes per second! It builds the nest in the holes he digs in the trees (to which he clings with hooked and strong fingers); its beauty is enclosed in its green color and red crest.
The Kingfisher is a small migratory bird, the tail is hardly visible but the vivid colors of its plumage make it similar to exotic species: electric blue on wings and back, orange on chest and belly. With its beak used as a harpoon, it catches small fish by diving fast in the water, blending with its reflections.
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